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Client Name: Anita Morade.

Package Amount: Rs.100,000/-

Services offered in package:

I) Pre Wedding Photoshoot.

II) Engagement Ceremony.

III) Wedding Ceremony.

Date: 7th April, 18th & 19th May 2019.

Benefits under the package:

  1. Pre Wedding Shoot.

1) Theme Pre Wedding Photoshoot at 3 different locations.

2) One Photobook album of Prewedding  Photos. (10-12 pages)

  1. Engagement Ceremony.

1) Traditional Photography work of  Engagement Ceremony.

2) Traditional Video Shooting of  Engagement Ceremony (Quality – Full HD).

3) Candid Photography work of Engagement Ceremony.

4) One Photobook Album (16 pages)  (Design & Printing)

III) Wedding Ceremony.

1) Traditional Photography & Video Shooting Work of the day before

  Wedding (Halad & Sangeet)

2) Traditional Photography work of Wedding Day.

3) Candid Photography work of Wedding Day.

4) Traditional Video Shooting of the Wedding day in DVD format as well as

   Pendrive. (Quality – Full HD)

5) Cinematic Wedding Film of the Wedding day. (5-10 minutes) (Quality – Full


6) Two Photobook/Karizma Album (35 pages per album) (Design & Printing)

Important Notes:

1) Bride and Groom album will be partially different as per the selection of

  photographs and functions.

2) Soft copies of the edited photos will be delivered to clients within two weeks after

  the ceremony.

3) Photo Album will be delivered within 45 days after we get the final selection of the

  photos from the client.

4) Once the Album is designed, soft copy of the album will be sent to client for

   preview & after that it will be sent for printing after client’s approval.

5) Raw data of photos will be provided to client after finalization of photos and video.

6) For Pre Wedding Photo shoot client is welcomed to suggest their choice of

   Locations if any, else we will guide you through different locations for you.

7) After delivery of all the photos and videos to the client, we still keep the backup of the         client data for 12 months. In case the client data gets lost or corrupt, we will provide you the data if such requests come within 12 months from Wedding Day.

Terms & Conditions:

1) Payment Procedure – 50% Amount – Advance as a booking amount,40% Amount – After Pre-wedding session, 10% Amount after Wedding.

2) In case of cancellation of the package the advance amount is non-refundable.

3) This package indicate all three (Prewedding , Engagement & Wedding) events as a one   event. So after confirmation of the package, the package can not be split into different categories like Prewedding, Engagement or Wedding Ceremony.

4) This package is specially customised for client Ms. Anita Morade as per their     requirements and it can not be transferred to other interested clients.

I have read all the important notes and terms and conditions above  and by signing below I agree to all the listed things above.

Client Name:          Anita Morade.

Client Signature:

Date: 06/04/2019


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