Gunwant Khairnar – Payment Status

Payment Status

Package Amount: Rs. 25,000/-* 

Discounted Price: Rs.10,000/- (60% OFF)

1) 1st Installment: Rs. 5000/- 

Due Date: 31st Dec Jan 2019.

Payment Received Date: 8th Jan 2020.

2) 2nd Installment:  Rs. 5000/-  

Due Date: 6th Jan 2020.

Payment Received Date: 31st Jan 2020.

3) Travelling Expenses: Rs. 1190/-

Traveling Details:

A) 5th Jan 2020

  • Pune Stay to Kamalraj Pasaydaan Society: Rs.70/-
  • Kamalraj Pasaydaan Society to Pune Stay: Rs.50/-

B) 26th Jan 2020

  • Nashik to Pune: Rs. 450/-
  • Pune Stay to Kamalraj Pasaydaan Society: Rs.120/-
  • Botonical Garden to Pune Stay: Rs.50/-
  • Pune to Nashik: Rs. 450/-

Total: Rs.1190/-

Due Date: 26th Jan 2020

Payment Received Date: Pending




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