Anita Morade – Wedding Review

Here are the details of the things that went wrong/right in your events.
Engagement Ceremony:
  • No time given for portraits shots before Engagement Ceremony. (0 minutes)
  • No facial expressions on the faces of couple. No excitement about the ceremony.
Haladi Ceremony
  • Haladi ceremony held in dark. No decoration for haladi.
  • Haladi in poor low light conditions.
  • Inadequate time given for portraits. (11 minutes)
Wedding Ceremony
  • Not enough time for getting ready shots. ( 8 minutes)
  • No decoration for Vidhi Mandap. Very very basic decoration which is not good for cinematic films.
  • Wedding ceremony held in dark, no lights and ambiance lighting around the place.
  • Lack of expressions throughout the wedding. Couple were silent throughout the event.
  • No time for portraits before Vidhi. (0 minutes)
  • Less time for portraits after vidhi.  (5 minutes)
  • No time given for portraits after reception. (0 minutes).

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