Ameya Kulkarni- Payment Status

Payment Status (Nill)

Package Amount: Rs. 35,000/-* 

1) 1st Installment: (Advance Booking Payment):(50%): Rs.17,500/-

Due Date: 1st Jan 2020.

Payment Received: Rs. 18,000/- ( by Ameya via UPI on 4th Jan 2020)

2) 2nd Installment:(After Wedding Payment): (50%)  Rs.17,000/- 

Due Date: 16th Feb 2019.

3) Add on services: Rs. 10,000/-

Haladi Ceremony Photography + Simant Poojan Photography + Garba Dance Photography.

4) Travel Expenses: Rs. 1702/-

These includes travelling from,

  • Nashik to Mumbai
  • Local transport within Mumbai via OLA/UBER/LOCAL
  • Mumbai to Nashik.

Details of the travel expenses.

  • Stories by Sandip to Bombay Naka: Rs.171/- (5:00 am to 5:30am via OLA)
  • Bombay Naka to Kalyan Phata: Rs.400/- (via Private Car)
  • Kalyan Phata to Kalyan: Rs.60/- (via Rickshaw)
  • Kalyan to Rotary Seva Kendra: Rs. 85/- (Via OLA)
  • Rotary Seva Kendra to Patidar Bhavan: Rs. 47/- (Via OLA)
  • Patidar Bhavan to Navi Mumbai: Rs.388/- (via OLA)
  • Navi Mumbai to Kharghar Railway Station: Rs.50/- (Via OLA)
  • Kharghar Railway Station to Kasara Railway Station: Rs.30 (Local Train)
  • Kasara to Dwaraka Chowk,Nashik: Rs.300/- (11.30pm to 1.30 am Via Private Car)
  • Dwaraka Chowk to Stories by Sandip: Rs.171/- ( 1.30am to 2am via OLA)

Total Travel Expenses: Rs.1702/-

Total Amount to be Paid: 2nd Installment: (After Wedding Payment): (50%) + Add on services + Travel Expenses

: Rs.17,000 + Rs.10,000 + Rs.1700 = Rs. 28,700/-

Due Date: 16th Feb 2019.

Received Payment Amount:  Rs.28,700/-

Payment Received Date: 21st Feb 2020.


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